Weekly Specials

Prices effect until August 31, 2018


Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1.75L   $ 24.99

Dewars Scotch 1.75L $29.99

Southern Comfort 1.75L $27.99

Jack Daniels black, honey 1.75L $39.99

Jim Beam white 1.75L  $26.99

Skyy Vodka all flavors1.75L $19.99

Svedka Vodka all flavors 1.75L $19.99

Smirnoff straight vodka 1.75L $19.99

Bacardi rum silver/gold 1.75L $20.99

Absolut all flavors 1.75L $26.99

Kahlua coffee 1.75L  $33.99

Bombay Saphire gin 1.75L $39.99

Three Olives vodka 1.75L  $18.99

Grey Goose vodka 750ml  $28.99

Pinnacle vodka all flavors 1.75L  $17.99

Martini Rossi Asti 750ml  $10.99

Rumchata 750ml   $ 17.99


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Monte Velho 750ml  $6.99, 6bottles case $36

Black Stone all flavors 750ml $8.99

Bogle merlot or chardonnay 750ml $8.99

Line 39 cabernet, pinot noir 750ml $9.99

Leese Fitch cabernet 750ml $9.99

J Lohr chardonnay 750ml $10.99

Beringer california all flavors 1.5L $8.99

Cavit all flavors 1.5L $10.99

Woodbridge all flavors 1.5L $10.99

Gabbiano pinot grigio, pinot noir 1.5L $9.99



Bud/Bud light 30pack $23.99+deposit

Coors/Miller Lite 30pack $23.99+deposit

Miller high life 30pack $17.99+deposit

Heineken or Heineken light 24pack loose $24.99+deposit

Corona or Corona light 24pack loose $26.99+deposit

Yuengling or Yuengling light 24pack loose $19.99+deposit

Beck 24pack loose $22.99+deposit


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